Searching for Mr Yesterday


Sometimes, one moment is all it takes to change a life forever…

On the morning of her mother’s funeral, a letter lands on Suzy’s doormat. She recognizes the handwriting at once. It’s from Johnny, her first love, her childhood sweetheart. Enclosed is a CD, a mix of songs they shared. Yet when the hearse arrives, she lays the letter and CD to one side.



After the wake is over

Suzy steps out of her home to return the teacups she has borrowed from the village hall. It is pouring with rain, when BAM! she is knocked down by a car speeding down the country lane. She wakes in hospital, confused and disorientated. She can hear music, friends laughing and feel water on her skin.

Where is she?

She has been under sedation, so was she dreaming? Or was it a flashback to a different, far more terrifying incident? Her son, Cameron, and her best friend, Debs, are mystified. To find out, she must resume her hunt for Mr. Yesterday, and face her inner demons on the way.