Making Friends with the Menopause


A clear, comforting guide to support you as your body changes

Many women consider the menopause anything but a friend, yet in this clear and comforting guide, Sarah Rayner and her co-author, Dr Patrick Fitzgerald, explain that rather than fighting the changes women go through, understanding the experience can help us feel a whole heap better.

Written with warmth and humour, Making Friends with the Menopause examines why stopping menstruating has such profound hormonal shifts in the body, leading us to react in a myriad of ways physically and mentally. It gives practical advice on hot flushes and night sweats, anxiety and mood swings, muscular aches and loss of libido, early onset menopause, hysterectomy and more, plus an overview of each stage of the process so you’ll know what to expect in the years before, during and after.


From bestselling author of Making Friends with Anxiety and One Moment, One Morning comes a clear and comforting little book to guide you as your body changes through the menopause.

Written with Sarah Rayner’s trademark warmth and humour, this new edition of Making Friends with the Menopause has been updated to reflect the latest National Institute for Health and Care guidelines on diagnosis and management of the menopause. Together with Dr Patrick Fitzgerald, she explores why stopping menstruating causes such profound chemical changes in the body, leading us to react in a myriad of ways physically and mentally.

There is practical advice on hot flushes and night sweats, anxiety and mood swings, muscular aches and loss of libido, early-onset menopause, hysterectomy and more, plus a simple explanation of each stage of the menopause so you’ll know what to expect in the years before, during and after.

You’ll find details of the HRT and other treatment options with exploration of their pros and cons, together with tips and insights from women keen to share their wisdom on a subject many still find hard to talk about. Whether you’re worried about feeling invisible, weight gain or loss of fertility, or simply want to take care of yourself well, Making Friends with the Menopause will help you enjoy your body and your sexuality much more fully as you age.

  •  Following the word-of-mouth success Making Friends with Anxiety: a warm, supportive book to ease worry and panic 
  • Includes advice on all the major health issues that can arise as a result of hormone change
  • Thoroughly researched and bang-up-to-date – the 2017 edition reflects current NICE guidelines
  • Includes traditional and complementary medicine
  • Gives guidance on how to get the most from your GP appointments and finding good alternative practitioners
  • Useful links throughout, plus details of helplines and recommended reads
  • Fully illustrated with photographs by the author
  • Ongoing Facebook support group available


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