A beautiful colouring book packed with tips and insights to help ease worry and panic

From author Sarah Rayner and illustrator Jules Miller comes a delightful book combining advice and tips on managing anxiety with illustrations designed specially to colour in.

  • Discover how to ‘make friends with anxiety’ and thereby manage stress
  • Learn why colouring, in particular, is so therapeutic
  • Find out about other creative activities that have a similar effect on the psyche, providing an array of solutions to help ease worry over the long term

All this alongside Jules Miller’s pictures… You’ll find magical gardens, pretty coastal scenes and gorgeous country landscapes, dogs snuggling by the fire and cats playing with wool. Each illustration incorporates a mantra – a few simple words to help boost your mood. The result is a book to treasure – a unique combination of words of wisdom and pictures filled with childlike joy that will encourage positivity long after the colouring-in is done.

Friends working together

Although ‘Making Friends with Anxiety: A calming colouring book’ is the first book they produced together, Sarah Rayner and Jules Miller have known one another for many years. They met at an advertising agency in London in 1998, where they were assigned to work together as a copywriter/art director team. Luckily they got on like a house on fire, produced some successful ads, and became great friends. Over ten years ago first Jules then Sarah moved to Brighton and if you ever visit the city by the sea, you might just see them jogging together along the promenade. (They’ll be the ones running very slowly, and talking very fast.)

‘I saw this book advertised as being good for people who are prone to anxiety and enjoy being creative. What’s great is that, unlike other colouring books, it gave me simple advice on managing stress – and I am a bit of a worrier! It also has lots of illustrations designed to colour in and as I’ve recently got into using pencils I am really enjoying doing these. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is creative but struggles to find a starting point.’ Kate Lacey

‘Thanks to Miller, the pictures in this book are enchanting, and Rayner gives us words of real wisdom and humour in coping with anxiety or panic. The tips are really helpful as well, from going for a walk to sowing seeds as a means of feeling more connected and calm. All of us suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives and this is the perfect book to help calm those fears. Lovely.’ Laura Lockington, Brighton & Hove Independent

Paperback: £4.99
Ebook: £1.99