The International Bestseller

Sometimes, one moment is all it takes to change a life forever.

The Brighton to London line. The 07:44 train. Carriages packed with commuters. One woman occupies her time observing the people around her. Opposite, a girl puts on her make-up. Across the aisle, a husband strokes his wife’s hand. Further along, another woman flicks through a glossy magazine. Then, abruptly, everything changes. A man collapses, the train is stopped, an ambulance called. And for three passengers that particular morning, life will never be the same again.

There’s Lou, in an adjacent seat, who witnesses events first hand. Anna, who’s sitting further up the train, impatient to get to work. And Karen, the man’s wife.

Telling the story of the week following that fateful train journey, One Moment, One Morning is a stunning novel about love and loss, secrets and lies, family and – above all – friendship. Memorable and moving, gripping the reader from the very first page, it’s a stark reminder that sometimes, one moment is all it takes to shatter everything. Yet it also reminds us that somehow, despite it all, life can and does go on.

‘A real page-turner . . . You’ll want to inhale it in one breath.’

‘Rayner skilfully lays bare a story of loss, secrets and lies, family and the enduring friendships between women – life affirming and insightful.’

‘An intimate, thoughtful novel celebrating women’s friendship and loyalty.’ 

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International Editions

Der Club (Germany) 2009
Rowohlt (Germany) 2010
Picador (UK) in 2010
House of Books (Netherlands) 2011
AudioGo (UK) 2012
Ugo Guanda (Italy) 2012
St Martin’s Press (US) 2012
Vega Forlag AS (Norway) 2012
Michel Lafon (France) 2013
Proszynski (Poland) 2013
Everight (China) 2013
Onyria (Brazil) 2015
Mockba (Russia) 2017