A clear and comforting guide to help you live well to the last

From GP and hospice doctor Patrick Fitzgerald and author Sarah Rayner comes a warm and wise companion to help support you and those caring for you in the last months, weeks and days of life.

‘Beautifully written – very gentle, personal and not at all frightening – a great resource for both patients and professionals when reassurance is needed.’ Doreen O’Hara, COPD Specialist Nurse

From the shock of diagnosis, through treatment options and symptom control to the process of dying itself, Making Peace with the End of Life tackles these sensitive issues with compassion and honesty. Full of practical advice and important contact information, it will also help to demystify how the NHS and Social Services work, so you can access the best support more easily. And, drawing on Patrick’s extensive clinical experience, it also looks at how communicating your wishes to those involved in your care can give a feeling of safety and control over whatever happens in the future.

‘A very helpful gathering of advice, support and information for the huge majority who don’t know how to navigate the system.’ Dr Rachel Sheils, Consultant in Palliative Medicine

There are tips on self-nurturing using diet, light exercise and alternative therapies, plus guidance on how to care for your own mental health – including advice for carers. And for those who are anxious about what lies ahead, patient stories and quotes from those who’ve been there help to explain what to expect, thereby easing worry and panic so you feel less alone. Offset by Sarah’s joyful illustrations, the result is a clear and compassionate guide that aims to make these complex and distressing issues less confusing and overwhelming, so each individual can live the life they have left with a greater sense of comfort and peace.

  • Useful links throughout, plus details of helplines and recommended reads
  • Fully illustrated by Sarah Rayner

‘Wise, caring and informative, this book does not make for an easy read – how could it? But it is an incredibly valuable guide for anyone facing the end of life, thier friends and family, and even professionals. I’d liken it to someone holding your hand, stroking it and whispering wise words in your ear. Strangely beautiful. Highly recommended.’ Laura Wilkinson, author

‘I am a qualified bereavement counsellor; gosh this book has been needed for years! A real practical guide for both people facing end of life and those who love and care for them – a friendly, warm, safe book to dip in to, to read from cover to cover…again and again.’ Tracey Sainsbury, Counsellor

Available: October 2017   Edited by: Sarah Rayner   Published by: Creative Pumpkin Publishing

Patrick Fitzgerald

Sarah Rayner