Cover Reveal for Searching for Mr Yesterday

A few months ago, I asked you all to let me know which book jacket you liked best for my new novel.  Jonathan Roberts, my lovely designer friend, and I worked on several different ideas.

Left is the original image, right is the one we’ve designed. Isn’t is great.

Isn’t it different than where we were initially? But I absolutely love it. The photographer has made it available copyright free, so a big thank you must go to him for the most marvelous picture. His name is Engin Ayghurst and his photos are on I hope you, dear friends and family and readers, love the new cover it as much as me and Jonty. 

The book is also, at last, available in all formats. My mum died in the middle of my launching it, so it’s only now that it is out in the world. Look out for discounts. Go to any Amazon worldwide and you can download it, gratis. Just this week.   If you’re an audiobook fan, which I am, you can listen to it via Audible too. There’s even a playlist, as the book is FULL of music.

Search under SEARCHING FOR MR YESTERDAY on Amazon Prime music and the playlist should come up.

Please leave a review … I’m not asking for you to fake it. If you don’t like it, say so. I’m a big girl and can cope with anything over 2 stars. 1 star reviews I learned long ago to ignore. It was Dorothy Koomson taught me that!