Reviews and press for Another Night, Another Day

‘Rayner has done it again – with her knack of turning what at first seems an unlikely subject into a gripping read. She made me care desperately what happened to these people and their lives. A brilliant book’  The Brighton and Hove Independent 

‘This novel reveals an increasing maturity and sophistication… Rayner deals with a serious subject in a realistic and sympathetic manner. An uplifting and helpful book’  Worcester News 

‘A great read that fearlessly tackles how mental health problems can affect ordinary people. A difficult subject written about with optimism and a light touch’ Coastway Radio

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‘An engrossing, bittersweet read peppered with moments of intense beauty… as compelling as any thriller I’ve read in the past year. Add to this sensitivity, humour and tender insightfulness and you’ve an absolute corker of a novel’  Laura Wilkinson, author of ‘Public Battles, Private Wars’

‘Sarah Rayner doesn’t just tell a great story, she speaks to the vulnerabilities in all of us. Heartwarming and suspenseful’  Bobbie Darbyshire, author of Love, Revenge and Buttered Scones

‘A thought-provoking book. Rayner’s exploration of the issues faced by three very “everyday” people puts the issue of mental health at the centre of worlds which appear cosy and stable.  It makes you realise that the line between fine and needing help is very fine indeed’ Lizzie Enfield, author of Living With It

‘I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys strong, character-driven drama. Very moving, sad and funny’ 

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